Arizona Freedom Team

The Authentic Conservative Fighters In LD 17

“We need someone in the State House who has and will continue to support President Donald J. Trump’s AMERICA FIRST Agenda. We need an Authentic Conservative that WILL NOT BACK DOWN. The formula for a better Arizona is simple, but we need Conservative fighters willing to act. I am that Conservative Fighter and I ask you to elect me to the Arizona State House.”

— Cory McGarr

Candidate for

State House District 17

“The weak do-nothing politicians in Phoenix do not want me in the State Senate. The Radical Left and Fake Republicans do not want me in office because they know what I will do… they know I will PROTECT the PEOPLE and DEFEND their FREEDOM. The People of Arizona are tired of being ignored… so I am going to the State Senate to STOP IT.”

— Justine Wadsack

Candidate for

State Senate District 17

“Vaccine mandates… stolen elections… critical race theory… our rights being trampled do not always start in the home. But our way back does. Our Conservative Values have been relentlessly attacked by the Socialist Democrats in Phoenix, but the fight to RESTORE ARIZONA VALUES starts with STRENGTHENING ARIZONA FAMILIES. Banning Critical Race Theory, Defending the lives of the Unborn, and championing Medical Freedom. This is our way back… this is our way to a Stronger Arizona.”

— Rachel Jones

Candidate for

State House District 17

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Meet the Candidates

Cory McGarr

LD17 State House Candidate

Cory McGarr is a father, husband, and Constitutional Conservative who believes that the best government is that which governs least and that its sole purpose should be to protect the rights and freedoms of the individual. Cory is a strong defender of life, the 2nd amendment, and religious liberty and he does not compromise on his values.

Justine Wadsack

LD17 State Senate Candidate

Justine Wadsack is a native Tucsonan, military wife, military mother of six (3 active & 1 veteran), business owner, realtor, and Daughter of the American Revolution. Justine is a Constitutionalist and an Authentic Conservative. Justine is well-known in the southern Arizona area for her passionate defense of Medical Freedom and parental rights.

Rachel Jones

LD17 State House Candidate

Rachel Jones is a proud Border Patrol Wife, Mother of five kids (three of whom are adopted), a former teacher, and former business executive at the third largest UPS facility in the country. Rachel is a strong Conservative Fighter who uses her executive background to deliver results for Arizona’s families.